Anchor NI

AnchorĀ is a social support group for those aged 25+ assigned female at birth who identify as transmen, transmasculine, gender variant, non-binary and/or questioning.

For aged 25 and under, check out our little brother group Buoys NI.

We run fortnightly meetings in Belfast and provide peer support in a positive and relaxed environment. We define peer support as knowledge, experience and emotional & practical help.

To find out more about our meetings & how to attend, go to Our Meetups


Why was Anchor set up?

We noticed that, despite there being several resources for trans people aged 25 and under, Belfast lacked a peer meetup group for those aged 25+, and for trans people who are questioning, non-binary, gender variant or genderqueer.

Questioning gender and/or transitioning can be an intense process. Being able to talk & laugh with others who have similar experiences can make it much easier to cope with.

The ethos of this group is “positivity, respect and confidentiality”.

Anchor is committed to being a member-led group. We welcome input & suggestions from our members.

Please Note: Anchor is not a counselling service and no formal counselling is given at meetings. For information on counselling services please go to Get Further Support.