Buoys NI Youth Group

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Buoys NI is Anchor’s “little brother” group. We are youth group for people aged 18-25 who identify as transmen, transmasculine, gender variant, non binary or questioning who were assigned female at birth.

Buoys meetups take place monthly in the LGBT Centre, 9-13 Waring Street, BT1 2DX. Meet-ups are situated on the first floor, which is fully accessible by stairs or a lift.

MEETUPS 2015 – Buoys meet-ups are temporarily being run together with Anchor meet-ups. This will hopefully change in the new year.

5th November

3rd December

For information on Buoys meet-ups. Please contact: hello@anchortransni.org

 Twitter or Facebook.

Access information: The LGBT Centre is operated by a buzzer/camera intercom system. The door to the centre is heavy and the intercom buttons are quite high. Please email us if this might cause any issues for you and we will arrange to meet you at the front door.